Skylines Academy Cloud Business Program

Accelerate your Cloud Adoption, Improve your Team’s Skills, and Enhance Cloud Operations with the Skylines Academy Cloud Business Program.

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The Skylines Academy Cloud Business Program is for IT teams who are looking to adopt and master their Microsoft Azure cloud environment while upskilling their team. This cost-effective program was built on the foundation of education and skills mapping but incorporates proven deliverables on how to operate and maintain the platform.

The intended outcome of the program is to help you meet business objectives by developing an efficient and result-driven team.

What you get when you join our exclusive program:

  • A DEDICATED CUSTOMER SUCCESS MANAGER, who will guide you through the program for a seamless experience.

  • Hours of ON-DEMAND TRAINING CONTENT for your team to learn from, including lectures, demonstrations, practice questions, and more.Course Offerings
  • Comprehensive Azure services PLAYBOOKS pinpointing what you need to know about core component of the Azure platform so teams can understand how to set up and run a best practice-based Azure environment. A set of actionable OPERATIONS GUIDES will help you to maintain keep your cloud environment organized.Playbooks
  • Don’t have enough hours in the day to create knowledge transfer documentation? With access to a suite of ADMINISTRATOR HANDBOOKS, you can arm your team with guides on the day-to-day management of Azure. Guidebooks
  • Expert guidance on how to map your team’s skills to meet company objectives with our ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS MAPPING service. Team Overview
  • Optional SUPPORT/ADVISORY on cloud expertise and day-to-day tasks.

The Skylines Academy team has decades of experience working with IT organizations and have built a toolkit for exceling in the cloud industry based on best practices, experience, and technical knowledge.

What customers are saying about Skylines Academy:

Skylines Academy has helped our team to train a cohort of young engineers who will soon become consultants. Not only did they accelerate the upskilling of our team, they were always available for questions and guidance.” – Glenn B.

Reasons to adopt the Cloud Business Program:

Cut Costs Beat your Competition and Upskill

With the Skylines Academy Cloud Business Program, we will continually create new and meaningful content based on your specific business needs:

  • This isn’t just a learning platform, it’s also a learn by doing program
  • We will understand what your business needs are and where your IT team can drive objectives forward
  • We are responsive and have a team of experts who are ready to help

Interested in the Cloud Business Program or have more questions?

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